The Taste of Moda'

Based on an authentic approach to Italian food and using only the highest quality ingredients, Chef Omar Scarabello and his partner Diego Montresor offer patrons deliciously simple yet luxurious Italian fare.

Moda’ delights diners with a creative twist on simple, original Italian dishes. Enjoy homemade pastas with a selection of heavenly sauces or choose from wood-fired thin crust pizzas with a perfect balance of toppings.

A Slice of Heaven

Our pizza bases are exquisitely light due to the quality of the flour and the two day rising process we use to create the dough. Traditional wood -fired bases are complimented with delicious toppings and finished off with top-quality cheeses.

Rich History

Owner & Chef Omar Scarabello was born in Venice, which is where he later started his career at 5 star luxury Hotel Cipriani. He continued his culinary training at various hotels in Italy where he later opened his own Cocktail Bar & Resturant, Dom'us.

After a few successful years of operation, Omar was called to South Africa to take position as the Head Chef of Il Tartufo Restaurant in Hyde Park.

His passion for flavour and food led him to open Moda Restuarant where he delights in sharing the best of Italy.

Tasty Partnership

Diego Montresor was born in Verona, Italy. He soon found his calling in the Hospitality industry, where his culinary expertise was sharpened and shared in and around Italy.

He moved to Valencia, Spain to work for worldwide Restaurant chain, Bice. Following his passion, he arrived in South Africa in 2009 and opened Bice at Southern Sun in Hyde Park.

As Co-Owner of Moda Restaurant, he continues to share his flair for flavour and top notch experience with South Africans.